Upgrade Windows 8
If you are looking forward to upgrade your operating system to latest Microsoft OS Windows 8, but are not sure if your computer and devices would be able to work properly in the new operating system, we can help you with the process of migrating from your current operating system to Windows 8.

Our team of Certified Professionals available 24/8/365 days online, on call can help you with your Migration, we can help you in:
Determining if your computer is Windows 8 compatible, we provide unbiased recommendation on hardware upgrade required for migrating to Windows8.
Depending on your current operating system you can migrate in place (without formatting or removing your current operating system) or install new, we can help you decide that:

* We help you in backing up your data and making an inventory of your applications if a fresh install is required.
* We then help you migrate to Windows 8 and setup the applications as required
* We are also on hand to trouble shoot device driver issues should you face them once you migrate to Windows 8.

We are giving Windows 8 Upgrade Assistance free with our Annual Maintenance Contract, If you choose to buy our Annual Maintenance Contract you are eligible to get a Windows 8 Migration Assistance free of cost.