Lenovo Support

Lenovo Support

Lenovo Products. Enhanced Reliability with Us.

Lenovo is the fourth largest vendor of personal computers in the world. In the highly competitive Chinese market, it is the leading seller of computers. All these facts stand in testimony to the unparalleled quality of Lenovo Products. Established in 1988, Lenovo offers a wide range of successful laptops, desktops, netbooks, workstations, servers, storage drives and IT management software among other services.

Your Lenovo Product

Even though your Lenovo product utilizes the best of modern technology, it is prone to problems. These problems may either arise due to a manufacturing defect or due to negligence on your part. The best way to address every such problem is by seeking the help of our Certified Technicians.

Our remote assistance feature ensures that our technicians are present every time of the day to solve all your Lenovo issues. Our Lenovo Support Service Package will offer you comprehensive solutions in the following areas:

All Lenovo laptop, desktop and netbook concerns including factory setting restoration, blue screen errors, virus removal and Windows installation.
* All Lenovo printer problems including installation, spooling and general troubleshooting.
* All Lenovo data storage device troubles including failed disk replacement, wrong drive removal recovery and general troubleshooting.
* All Lenovo server issues including installation, restoration and general troubleshooting.

PC Planet Advantage

Any problem with your computer and peripheral devices takes up your valuable time. Not only that, you also end up paying extra dollars at other websites. We provide you with round the clock online assistance that offers quick execution along with these features:

* 90% First Call Resolution
*Immediate professional help by Certified Engineers.
*Comprehensive 24/7 Online Support at an unbeatable price
*Remote assistance for swift and complete solutions

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Lenovo Support